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Live Like Norah - Memorial Scholarship Due: April 19th, 2024


First, complete this application. After completion, please submit a cover letter, an official transcript, one teacher recommendation, and your handwritten essay to your Guidance Counselors by April 19th, 2024.


This scholarship will provide $1,000 for 1 year to a deserving high school senior from Forbush High School and from Starmount High School who plans to attend a 4-year institution.


Norah Smitherman was a 2022 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Forbush High

School who lived life to the fullest. She was very involved in the school community and impacted many students and staff at Forbush with her positive energy. Norah was an active member of Collide Church where she helped with Collide Kids on Sunday mornings and was a part of the Collide Student’s organization. She endeavored to live out her faith in Christ by loving and serving others while sharing her faith.


  • The recipient must be a senior graduating from Forbush High School or Starmount High School, planning to attend a 4-year institution.

  • The recipient must have a GPA of a 4.00 or better through the 1st semester of the senior year.

  • The recipient must be an active member of a Christian faith organization with a commitment to serving others.

  • The recipient must be active within their high school in

      athletics and clubs.


Once you have completed this application you will

need to turn in the following documents below to your Guidance Counselor:

  • Cover Letter

  • Current official transcript

  • One teacher recommendation

  • Handwritten essay 250 words in what it means to you to “Live Like Norah”      

 (Please use the provided link to site your essay in MLA Format in essay form.) 


Recurring Eligibility 

*This application also applies to those applying for a recurring scholarship application.

  • The recipient must be attending a 4 year institution. 

  • The recipient must have a GPA of a 3.5 

  • The recipient must be an active member of a faith organization with a commitment to serving others. 

  • The recipient must be active within their college community in athletics and clubs. 

Documents needed: 

Completed recurring Scholarship application. 

Updated College transcript.

Personal Statement - one page typed.

Selection Process

A scholarship in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded to an eligible senior at each high school. The selection committee will be formed at each high school; this committee will review the high schools’ candidates' applications and interview candidates to select a recipient from their high school. The committees will consist of the following: person from the Christian faith community of the high school, high school staff member, and a family member.

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